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Our Values

Start with the end in mind

Embrace impermanence. It’s an overwhelming thought, the idea that there will one day be a world we’re no longer in – and knowing that there is nothing we need to do to make that happen. It can also be tremendously liberating, opening you up to ask new questions.

Take accountability. In that world there will be people, and some of them will have been impacted by us or our story – in subtle ways and in big ways, for better or for worse, whether we did it intentionally or not. All that rolled up, that’s our legacy.

Live intentionally. We have the power to to be intentional about that legacy. We have the power to design it to be something that brings us meaning and joy. And we have every right to care that the seeds we plant during our lives continue to thrive after we’re gone.

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Practical, joyful, and deep

The Starter Pack

These are the 25 questions you should have thought through before you even go see an attorney. The questions are broken down into the five chapters (Care, Body, Ceremony, Treasures, and Legacy).

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Now and Then, the board game
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Now and Then is a game that guides you and your loved ones on a journey through your past, present, and future. As you roll the dice and explore the board, you’ll discover challenges, some light and fun, others deeper. By the end of the game, you’ll have made all the decisions you needed to get your affairs in order.
2-6 players, 2.5+ hours.



Our Approach

Taking the edge off the end of life

We meet you where you are. Rather than asking you to jump right in to all the hardest questions, we ease into things, talking about the past and present to ground all our conversations about the future.

We shift the perspective. It’s can be hard to imagine your life even a few years from now. Luckily you get to be there through it all so you don’t actually need to figure it all out in advance. That is, however, not the case when it comes to your ‘after’. That all has to be pre-scripted, and you never know when that script will be needed.

We put things into plain English. These decisions are hard enough without having to learn all these new legal and medical terms. That’s why we keep things simple, as we guide you through our five chapters: Care, Body, Ceremony, Treasures, and Legacy.

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Our Team

Imaginative and human

We are passionate about creating magical experiences that spark the imagination and expose new possibilities. Divine does this by hosting events and facilitating conversations that foster wildly divergent ideas rooted in creativity and joy. Joseph does it through invention, designing products, games, and workshops that cut to the core of what it means to be human. For us, this isn’t about death, it’s about life.


Divine Bradley

Divine Bradley, Co-Founder

Joseph Weissgold

Joseph Weissgold, Co-Founder


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